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The house, yard, car, and closet are costing you a shit-ton of money—are you sure they are making you happy?

Small Space, Big Taste is all about choosing to live in small, low maintenance homes so that your time and money are freed up to put towards things you truly want. Plus, small spaces are better for the environment—they take fewer resources to build and power, and decrease the accumulation of stuff. With more money, you can make higher-quality, longer-lasting purchases, which drive the cycle of prosperity. With more time you can develop spaciousness in your home and in your life.

This new way of living is equal parts honesty, audacity, and creativity. It takes work and thoughtfulness to shun the status quo, but the result is more freedom! It's time to re-design how you spend, eat, and live to get the most out of your resources and this blog will help you do that.


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Small Space, Big Taste is a community of people from all over the world who are challenging the status quo on how they spend, eat, and live.

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Get to know Rae


I bolted out of my college finance class after calculating what my loans for out-of-state tuition were going to cost me. I still got the finance degree, just somewhere else. That was over a decade ago and since then I've been optimizing my definition of success. Spoiler alert: it doesn't look like everyone else's.

Now I’m my own boss living in a Manhattan studio apartment with my husband Ryan. I work part-time (by day I help tech companies take new products to market) and the rest of my day is spent on this blog, learning piano, and traveling often. My lifestyle is possible by keeping my living expenses low and my possessions few. Embracing minimalism and getting scrappy with my spending has made me happier, healthier, and wealthier—and it can for you too.


Start living large


More than just budget tips, mindset shifts to help you get smarter with your spending.


Your attention is worth billions—spend it wisely

There’s an army working around the clock to exploit your reward systems so that you’ll scroll, tap, and buy. But is that really how you want to spend your time?

Don’t get a bigger apartment, outsource instead

Instead of getting a bigger apartment, what you should be asking is: what does a bigger apartment get me? How much would it cost to get those things only when I need them?

Stick to your budget with the electronic envelope method

Everyone knows we should be spending below our means, but in the world of digital payments, simple spending too often becomes overspending.



Delicious recipes that are easy to prepare in a tiny kitchen.


Simple gluten-free protein muffins

Made with almond flour and whey, these muffins are easy to make and are packed with protein.

One-pan roasted chicken + tarragon cream sauce

This is my new go-to dish when I want to wow my guests with out a lot of work.

Vegan dark chocolate avocado mousse

Darn! I accidentally let the avocados get too ripe again.



Tips on becoming a minimalist and interior design for small spaces.


Home tour: my big life in 240 square feet

See how my husband and I lived in (and loved) our tiny 240-square-foot apartment.

The most versatile couch I’ve ever owned

Pieces clip together or stand alone to make the perfect arrangement for your small space.

The one-bag emergency preparedness kit

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t make room for essential emergency supplies.