Living in a small space doesn't mean you can't live a big life. In fact, the time and money saved means more freedom to do the things that matter most to you.


The house, yard, car, and closet are costing you a ton of money, so you'd better be sure they're making you happy. It's time to get creative with how you think about money.

You can live to eat without living to cook. These carefully curated recipes are easy to execute in a small space. They all have the perfect balance of simple, healthy, and delicious.


Living in a small space can open up your life to more freedom. The extra time and money will have compounding long-term effects. See how to fit your big life into a small space.


Hey, I'm Rae

This passion project of mine just launched! It's a lifestyle blog about the benefits (and implications) of living in small spaces. 

Small spaces are better for the environment—they take fewer resources to build and power, and decrease the accumulation of stuff. With more money, you can make higher-quality, longer-lasting purchases, which drive the cycle of prosperity. With more time you can develop spaciousness in your home and in your life.

It's time to re-design how you spend, eat, and live to get the most out of your resources, and this blog will help you do that.