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Rae Lambert

Yes, I want to retire by 40. 

No, I don’t want to cut my own hair.

I bolted out of my college finance class after calculating what my loans for out-of-state tuition were going to cost me. I still got the finance degree, just somewhere else. That was over a decade ago and since then I've been optimizing my definition of success. Spoiler alert: it doesn't look like everyone else's.

The economy has fundamentally changed and so should we. We all want to succeed but are exhausting ourselves trying to do it the old way. The house, yard, car, and closet are costing you a shit-ton of money, so you'd better be sure they are making you happy.

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I'm not proposing extreme frugalism, where you hand wash your clothes and cut your own hair (though I've tried both). What I am proposing is that you carefully examine what makes you happy, and remove the things that don't bring you value to create space for the things that do (aka minimalism). 

I just relocated to New York City but previously lived in downtown San Francisco with my husband, Ryan, in 240 square feet. By choosing small, low maintenance spaces, our time and money are freed up to put towards things we truly want: early retirement and lots of adventures. And the benefits go far beyond more freedom. Small spaces are better for the environment—they take fewer resources to build and power, and decrease the accumulation of stuff. With more money, you can make higher-quality, longer-lasting purchases, which drive the cycle of prosperity. With more time you can develop spaciousness in your home and in your life.

This new way of living is equal parts honesty, audacity, and creativity. It takes work and thoughtfulness to go against the grain, but the result is more freedom! It's time to re-design how you spend, eat, and live to get the most out of your resources and this blog will help you do that.


Rae Lambert
Creator of Small Space. Big Taste.
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