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Living in a small space doesn't mean you can't live a big life. In fact, the time and money saved means more freedom to do the things that matter most to you.

My big life in 240 square feet

My big life in 240 square feet

I live in downtown San Francisco with my husband, Ryan, in 240 square feet. It's cozy but it's our favorite place we've ever LIVED.

With such a small, low maintenance home, our time and money are freed up to put towards things we truly want: early retirement and lots of adventures. 

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From 750  to 240 square feet

When we first got married, we looked at some small spaces that I vetoed. I was specifically caught up on the kitchen situation. I loved cooking and thought I needed a full size oven and fridge. Looking back, I think we could have made some of them work and now one of my pet peeves is how big refrigerators are. 

 Floor plan: 240 square feet

Floor plan: 240 square feet


Features that make a small space work



Floor to ceiling storage




Roof deck



Having laundry and waste disposal facilities on the same floor makes life a lot easier. Because they are so close by, it's easy to avoid things piling up.

Bicycle storage

When I lived in 360 square feet, that included storing two bikes in the unit. Now the bikes, helmets, and air pump are in the shared and easy to access bike storage.

Storage unit

A 12 square foot storage unit in the basement definitely takes the edge off. It mostly serves as a rotation for seasonal clothes and a place for our climbing/camping gear. 


Convenient things to have nearby


Whole Foods is on our block and it is sooo convenient. We only buy what we're going to eat that day or the next. It has cut down on food waste and makes up for the fact that our kitchen storage is limited.


A few nearby coffee shops makes it easy to slip out in the morning and get cranking if the other person is still asleep.


Yerba Buena Gardens and South Park are each a block away. I have a blanket, basket, and thermos ready to go when I need a bigger living room.


I have an annual membership to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and I treat it like a second space. It costs $150/year and includes the ability to bring four guests. I invite friends to meet me there for a coffee or I bring a book or some work. It's a beautiful atmosphere to relax away from the elements and WAY cheaper than paying for a bigger place.

As seen in Apartment Therapy

We were honored to have our home featured in Apartment Therapy!

Love your sponge

Love your sponge