What I Packed: 8 Days in Tulum, Mexico


Tropical vacations are the easiest trips to pack for—hot weather, casual outings, and lightweight clothing makes traveling light a breeze. My packing criteria for this Tulum trip: be ready for adventure, beat the heat, and keep my shoulders covered. Here’s what I packed for 8 days in Tulum, Mexico.


Minimalist Packing list


Clothes, shoes + accessories


  • Makeup (tinted moisturizer with SPF, brows, mascara, cheek tint)

  • Shampoo, comb

  • Deodorant (Native is my favorite)

  • Toothbrush and Bite toothpaste bits

  • SPF + aloe


Travel Gear


My backpack is the Everyday Backpack 30L from Peak Design. I’ve now traveled with it three times and so far I’m thrilled. The side zips make for easy access to my stuff and the expandable shape makes it super versatile.

Camera/day Bag

My camera/day bag is the Everyday Sling 5L from Peak Design which has room for my Nikon DSLR, wallet, water bottle, and phone.

Travel pouches

My travel bags are from the Spacepak System:




I wore this Emerson Fry India Collection caftan around the house, out to breakfast, and over my swimsuit. Not only is it beautiful and comfortable—it’s hand printed with low-impact dye on organic cotton in Rajastham, India.


Active Adventuring

This swim shirt blocks the sun and it surprisingly cool. My shorts and sneakers are both fast-drying too which made for comfortable hiking and cenote swimming. I brought two pairs of shorts but it was overkill.


Day to night exploring

The Lacuasa jumpsuit was perfect for exploring the hidden gems of Tulum. The lightweight cotton was breathable and the sleeves protected my shoulders from getting too much sun.

Dinner at ARCA

Dressy Dinners

Some big earrings go a long way to dressing up a simple dress. A bold color helps too! I didn’t bother bringing heels which was the right move since most of the roads in Tulum are dirt and don’t have sidewalks.



Most valuable pieces

  1. The swim shirt, let me play in the water without getting a sunburn.

  2. The jumpsuit, which I almost didn’t pack it because it seemed too hot for pants, ended up being a godsend.

  3. The caftan. I wore it around the house, over my suit at the pool, out to breakfast—pretty much everywhere.

Next time I’ll skip

  1. The second pair of shorts. Both dried super fast so there was no need for redundancy.

  2. Three dresses, I only wore the poppy one and the black one once and the blue wrap dress would have sufficed.

  3. Bra—it was just too hot. When I felt like I needed a bra, I just wore my bathing suit top.

What I packed - traveling light in Tulum Mexico

What a fantastic trip! My only regret is I wish I had packed my dancing shoes but I knew I wouldn’t wear them at least three times so I decided to skip. Next time I will just plan to go dancing more!

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