Ricotta Toast Rendition: Kumquats and Parsley

Ricotta toast with kumquats

VEGETARIAN / GLUTEN-FREE: nope / SERVES: ~ / COST PER SERVING: $1-$2/slice of toast


fresh bread

whole fat ricotta


  • parsley + kumquats


Takes about 20 minutes.

Toast bread, spread with ricotta, and add toppings. Don’t even know why I'm explaining this but it would look weird if this section was blank.

Many of the meals I make share base ingredients—it’s simpler, cheaper, and wastes less food. This snack featuring kumquats is a rendition of ricotta toast, which is is my go-to if I've got a lot to do or guests for the weekend. It's simple, versatile, and tasty at any hour of the day or night.

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Ricotta toast

Ricotta Toast

Six ways and counting!

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