House Tour: Two Bedroom Airbnb in the Heart of Tulum


Casa Nieve Luna is a stunning two bedroom home with a private courtyard and plunge pool. Located in La Veleta, a neighborhood in the heart of Tulum, Mexico, it’s just a bike ride away from beautiful beaches, tasty tacos, and crystal clear cenotes. See how this home makes the most of every corner of it’s small, square lot.

You can see the Casa Nieve Luna listing on Airbnb here.

Tulum Airbnb floorplan.png

The Layout

The lot is a perfect square and uses the space very efficiently! Like most Mexican homes, the green space is inside to bring the outside in. Half of the outdoor space is completely open to the sky with the other half covered by the master suite. The living room is two stories high, with the kitchen tucked under the guest suite.

Covered section of the courtyard

Covered section of the courtyard

The courtyard

The courtyard is the highlight of the home, and the reason I chose Casa Nieve Luna. The outdoor furniture is perfect for lounging, especially after a dip in the plunge pool.
The tropical plants seemed low maintenance and I saw a few geckos scurrying around. I especially enjoyed the courtyard first thing in the morning before the heat of the day. It was perfect for a bit of journaling and stretching before heading to Ki’Bok for a coffee and breakfast.

Uncovered section of the courtyard

Uncovered section of the courtyard


Open kitchen and living room

The open concept kitchen, dining, and living area is spacious with lots of light (a couple of high placed windows aren’t shown in the photographs). The large sliding glass doors make it so you can enjoy the courtyard, even when you’re inside safe from the hot, humid weather.


Guest Room and Bath

The guest bedroom was loft style and opened to overlook the living room. I surprised myself by preferring the guest suite over the master suite. The bathroom had more natural light and more sound privacy than the master.


The Master Suite


The master suite was HUGE and quite possibly the size of our entire Manhattan studio (not that that’s saying much). When you enter the suite you walk past a large open closet, then into the bedroom with a king bed. The suite has a seating area, windows from both sides, and a toilet, shower, and duet sinks. While I loved the king bed I found the double sinks overkill since there is only about 2 minutes a day that we were both using the sink. If I ever design my own home, I won’t put the clothing closet in the bedroom because I tend to get up early and wake up my spouse when I’m trying to get dressed in the dark.


Art, Flora, and fauna

Case Nieve Luna has lots of gorgeous ceramic art, lush plants, and friendly geckos!

Casa Nieve Luna was a beautiful and comfortable place to stay in Tulum, Mexico! While it was a bit big for what we needed, I highly recommend staying there, especially if you are traveling with a group of four.

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