Arugula Salad

Arugula, parmesan, almond, golden raisin salad

VEGAN: skip the parmesan / GLUTEN-FREE / SERVES: — / COST PER SERVING: $3


handful of arugula per person

sliced almonds

golden raisins

parmesan cheese

olive oil

fresh lemon juice

salt and pepper


Takes about 8 minutes.

In a mixing bowl add arugula, raisins, almonds, and parmesan.

In a measuring cup mix 1 part fresh lemon juice with 3 parts olive oil. Remove lemon seeds and add salt and pepper. Toss in with salad.

This is the easiest salad in the world and all of the ingredients hold up great in the fridge for a long while. Don’t ask me why but golden raisins are way better in this salad than regular raisins. Eat this by itself or as a side to some frittata or grilled chicken.

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