French press coffee



8 tablespoons whole coffee beans

8 cups of filtered water



8-cup french press

coffee grinder

pouring kettle




Brew time: 4 minutes. 10 minutes total.

Get the water started. Rinse your french press with hot water and discard. Might as well warm up your mug too.

Measure and grind the beans, put in french press.

Once water is boiling, remove from heat for about 45 seconds to let it cool. Set a timer for 4 minutes. Slowly pour water over the grounds, filling the french press to just below the bottom of the pouring spout. Let stand for one minute, allowing the coffee to absorb the water. Give a quick, gentle stir to evenly immerse the grounds into the brew, then cover.

At the 3:30 mark, skim the grounds off the top with a spoon before plunging.

This post is dedicated to my mother who drinks months-old Folger's coffee out of a huge plastic container. Also to Pame, whose coffee methods are unspeakable.

Two things: First, Bodum makes a great french press but they don't know shit about serving sizes. While this is an "8-cup" french press, it really only serves two to four people. Second, I've thought many times about buying a digital gram scale. I'm certainly hipster enough to own one, but alas it does not meet my Rule of Threes, so I'm measuring beans like a pedestrian.